Safeguarding Your Precious Metals Investment

Please see our statement regarding Force Majeur and Confiscation.

Dakota Depository Company provides safe and secure storage of gold, silver, and other precious metals for individual, retail, and commercial clients located throughout North America and worldwide.

DDC is the largest precious metals depository located in the upper Midwest and has the capability and capacity to store gold and precious metals for IRA, 401(k), Educational Savings, and Health Savings accounts.

As an insured precious metals depository servicing individual investors and financial institutions, we don’t buy or sell precious metals, nor do we advise clients on the purchase or sale of gold and silver. As our valued client, you can be confident your investment will be safely secured, and your information will be held in strict confidence.

Transferring Precious Metals

The shipping, receiving, and transfer of gold, silver, and precious metals are conducted under high definition video surveillance and dual control at all times.

In addition to providing secure custody transfer services, Dakota Depository Company is able to ship your holdings, with full insurance, to any destination in the world. The carrier services we use are well tested, and all shipments are tracked every step of the way to their final destination.

Full Service Reporting

Dakota Depository Company provides timely detailed accounting reports, which includes account deposit and withdrawal confirmations, incoming shipments, deliveries, and quarterly inventory reports.

We keep you well-informed so you will always know the status of your account.

Military Grade Security

At the core of Dakota Depository is over 250,000 pounds of welded steel and concrete nested within a restricted-access high security facility. Our specially designed vault is of the same construction and design used in Air Force installations worldwide for the protection of high security operations and personnel. Additionally, our security personnel are supported by U.S. military trained leadership, proficient armed staff, under multiple layers of video and audio surveillance, as well as multiple layers of redundant, remote monitoring 24/7, 365 days per year.

Internal Controls

Dakota Depository doesn’t rely solely on our security systems to keep our customers products safe and secure, we also believe in the importance of having good processes and procedures in place to safeguard your precious metals. Therefore, we utilize internal controls best practices such as segregation of duties, dual control, and chain of custody.


Precious metals placed into the custody of Dakota Depository are guarded with the utmost care and oversight. And while Dakota Depository is insured and inspected by one of the largest and most prestigious specie insurance syndicates in the world, we hold this insurance as a last resort. Our mission is to ensure that there will never be a single loss or claim against metals stored in our facility. Period. We are confident that our system of internal controls, audits and multi-layered security will accomplish this task.

Dakota Depository is insured by Lloyd’s of London, with proof of cover available upon request.